Ancient Voices,
an ensemble of African instruments & voices

Who We Are

Formed in 2014, we felt the obligation to preserve African music and its educational element. Ancient Voices is an ensemble of indigenous African instruments and vocalists.

We are composed of musicians from different musical backgrounds, gracing both our African shores and the international community. They include Xoliswa Tom (Afrika Festival 2017/18) (Lungiswa Plaatjies Kora award and South African Music Awards nominee 2004), Nontuthuzelo Nyiki and Nomapostile Nyiki (South African Road trip, vocal trainer at the University of Cape Town SACM (South African HIV ambassador, Mama Africa Musical)). We aim to illustrate the negative and positive elements that are present in our everyday lives, through the use of Uhadi, Mbira, Kayombe, Umrhubhe, Vocals and Percussion.

Through our music, we aim to inspire positivity into the world and to bridge the new with the old.

Thembi Nyandi

Thembi Nyandeni

Thembi began her dance career in 1975, as one of the original cast members of Bertha Egnos’ IPI NTOMBI, which toured Nigeria, Israel, Ghana, Great Britain, Ireland, America, New Zealand, Scandinavia, France, and Germany.

She has been involved in scriptwriting for television, research for educational and children’s programs; and has conducted research for Population Development. Thembi has also participated in cultural exchange events between South Africa and China, the Seychelles and Saudi Arabia.

Her community upliftment activities extend towards disadvantaged youngsters in the community. She co-ordinates dance classes for neighborhood youth and has been involved in voluntary fund raising for the Children’s Fund.


  • South African Road Trip, Netherlands, 2019
  • Voorkamer festival, South Africa, 2019
  • South African Road Trip, Netherlands, 2017/18
  • Busan Maru, South Korea, 2018
  • Amandla Mandela, Netherlands, 2016
  • South African Road Trip, Netherlands, 2015


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